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Sweatspa is revolutionising the way you can achieve healthy skin – one bead of sweat at a time

If your idea of working out involves relaxing in a sauna and (at most) a hot yoga session, you can consider getting an instant skin detox via Full Spectrum Infrared sauna in Sweatspa—the only place in Malaysia that offers this fussfree treatment. But what makes this type of sweating different than a typical sauna is how the heat rays allow your body to sweat. These infrared rays actually heat your body from within instead of a regular sauna experience where hot air comes in contact with your skin externally, thus making you sweat.

Naturally, the first thought that comes to mind is: “Is this safe for my skin?” According to Sweatspa founder Sabrina Tang, the infrared rays emitted from this technology is 100% safe and has been scientifically proven to give you targeted results—basically exposing your skin to manmade morning sunrays. Near Infrared Rays help purify your skin; Mid Infrared Rays target blood circulation
and relieve pain in muscles, and Far Infrared aims to burn fat and complete body detox.

“I used to have pigmentation spots on my face but now my skin looks much better after going for regular sessions,” says Sabrina. “30-40 minutes of sweating this way can burn up to 700 calories. We are not a slimming centre—our main aim in doing this is to help you detox. If you don’t regularly detox, you’d get a buildup of toxins deep inside your skin that affects your health as well.”

So does this new way of perspiring really work? I tried out the 35-minute Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy session in Sweatspa’s latest outlet in Great Eastern Mall, and here’s how it went:


Sabrina suggested that I undergo an InBody analysis to find out more about my body composition, muscle-fat and obesity stats. To no one’s surprise really, I had lesser muscle mass and protein composition than I should have—hence I mentally digested Sabrina’s advice to hit up the gym more frequently and regularly. This InBody analysis helped keep track of how much percent body fat mass, amount of water, and muscle mass that I have and will lose after the session.

Therapy in session

I was ushered into a room that had a glass and wood sauna cabin situated inside. The cabin is sizeable enough that I didn’t feel claustrophobic, and Sweatspa certainly tried their best to entertain customers who might get bored during a 40-minute session with a TV, magazines, and even loudspeakers in the room in case you prefer listening to lilting or upbeat tunes while sweating it out.

The intensity of the heat rays within the cabin came periodically, so there wasn’t a gust of hot air as I entered the sauna. 15 minutes into the session and I sported a light layer of sweat on my chest and arms. Sabrina did mention that women are likely to sweat more on their upper bodies as opposed to their thighs and legs due to the amount of adipose tissue (body fat) that’s distributed across the body. After another 15 minutes, I was sweating profusely and even my thighs were sporting a sweaty sheen, as were my face, arms and abdomen. The next thing I know, the automated sensor on the wall of the cabin indicated that my session was up.

Post therapy

My first thought was that a shower was definitely needed after sweating what felt like buckets. But according to Sabrina, this method of sweating is different from the sweating that occurs during a gym workout or at a stifling hot environment. There’s actually no need to wash away the sweat because it’s only pointless to rinse the eliminated toxins back into the open pores after sweating it out. I was given a refreshing jolt by way of an icy cold towel to wipe down my face and body, along with a glass of nanonized water that apparently has a higher oxygen content and less acidity—all very beneficial to my post-sauna state.

After undergoing a second round of body composition analysis, I found that I actually did lose two percent of body fat after the session. (Can you imagine going regularly for this though?) I also did receive compliments on my “glowing” complexion—something I never thought I’d have without the help of an excellent highlighter. Typical sauna sessions usually drain me out after a long day (along with an urge to sleep), but I was surprised to feel revitalized on that particularly lethargic morning. I think it’s suffice to say that beautiful skin is really a few Sweatspa sessions away.

Check out Sweatspa’s various therapies across its outlets in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Atria, and Great Eastern Mall here.

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