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We believe that as simple as sweating could provide greater detoxification benefits to achieve optimal health, beauty and vitality. Now with our advanced infrared sauna technology, you get to experience another kind of sweat sensation. Get ready to #Getdrenched with sweatspa®
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July 21, 2022
How To Increase Stamina

How To Increase Stamina By Sweating For Overall Body Fitness

How to Increase Stamina Drained stamina and exhaustion after doing physical activities for quite some time are inevitable. But if you get tired too quickly and wish your stamina wasn’t as lacking, you need to consider ways on how to increase stamina. Consuming a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and doing yoga are some of the approaches you can employ. But […]
June 27, 2022
weight loss through detoxification

Achieve Weight Loss Through Detoxification To Improve Your Health

Having a hard time buttoning your jeans is highly frustrating. As you let out a sigh of disappointment, pants halfway past your knees,  you start removing them and look for slightly bigger ones. While there are numerous ways of getting rid of love handles and achieving body goals, you must also consider a body detox to lose your weight and […]
November 30, 2018

Fattest to Fittest: sweatspa Comes to Rescue!

The other time when Malaysians came across the headline on social media news feed that reads, “Malaysia is the most obese country in Asia” , we were taken aback and could only stare at the screen open-mouthed. It was found that half of the Malaysian population is overweight or obese, as reported by The Star. Many of us could also […]