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We believe that as simple as sweating could provide greater detoxification benefits to achieve optimal health, beauty and vitality. Now with our advanced infrared sauna technology, you get to experience another kind of sweat sensation. Get ready to #Getdrenched with sweatspa®
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October 31, 2022
body detoxification treatment

“Every 1 Out of 5 Malaysians Suffer from Eczema?” 5 Reasons Why Body Detoxification Is Important!

Did you spend a fortune treating your eczema with little to no success? Felt as if your skin is flawless and clear just for a couple of days then all of a sudden changes direction? Dermatologist, Dr. Tarita Taib stated that about 20% of Malaysians suffer from eczema, a type of skin condition that necessitates tedious medical attention. Many inevitably […]
October 23, 2022

RM1,000 Cash Back (Sauna Buyer Referral Campaign)

sweatspa’s Refer A Friend campaign is here! Get rewarded with RM1,000 cash when you introduce your friends or family to purchase their own sweatspa Infrared Home Cabin! *Terms and Conditions apply This campaign is open to our sauna buyer customers (known as referrers) who have successfully purchased our sauna cabin – so start telling your friends about our awesome product now! […]
September 21, 2022
improve blood circulation

Improve Your Blood Circulation By Going To The Sauna

Smoking, not exercising, narrowed blood vessels, and blood clots can all contribute to poor blood flow, which is frequently linked to high blood pressure. That is why it is imperative to have lifestyle habits that can improve blood circulation for overall health.  Proper blood flow ensures blood and oxygen continually circulate throughout the body, which enables each organ to function […]