Ning Baizura Visits Spa in Atria

Ning Baizura, The Official Spokesperson for SweatSpa, Visits Spa in Atria!

Many of us are familiar with Ning Baizura:  the famous Malaysian pop and R&B singer.  She has officially endorsed Sweatspa in her recent visit to their spa in Atria, and has agreed to the amazing role as Brand Ambassador and spokeswoman!  As you may know from Ning’s infamous Instagram account, this lovely lady is a busy queen bee.  She is a mother, singer, actress and business owner to name a few of the many things that she does.  So where does that leave time for health and well-being?  And on top of that, might I add that she looks amazing in her photos; how does she cope?

For one, before she ever became The Spokeswoman and Ambassador for SweatSpa, she was a strong advocate of healing qualities of the Far-Infrared Sauna treatment the Sweatspa centres provide.  In a recent press release, while Ning Baizura visited Sweatspa’s spa in Atria, is quoted as saying,

“SweatspaTM is the place for me to relax and rejuvenate before I start my day,” shared Ning. “I love SweatspaTM because I get to sweat out toxins effortlessly. After each session, I feel so revitalized. I could not stop talking about it. So when SweatspaTM asked me to represent the brand, I was more than delighted to accept the offer because I was already a firm believer of this therapy having seen the difference in my skin, quality of sleep, stamina, and overall health.”

It must be working!  This active mom, artist and entrepreneur does her best to make time every couple of days to “sit and sweat” before engaging in her busy daily affairs or after her workout session.  In fact, sometimes she even workout in the FIR cabin itself. That being said, why is sitting and sweating so important for health and vitality?  How does it improve skin tone, quality of sleep, stamina and overall health?  I am glad you asked!

What Makes Sweating Significant for Health and Vitality?

First and foremost, sweating is a natural function of the human body and is important to body health.  However, in today’s fast-paced modern society, we are spoiled by constantly being in air-conditioning facilities which, even though Malaysia is a hot country, many of us do not expose ourselves to its; natural heat.  In short, many of us don’t sweat enough!  And there are two main functions of sweat:

1) To cool down the body when it is hot;

2) To rid the body of toxins via the skin.

Additionally, we sweat when we are nervous, anxious or stressed out, but that is an entirely different kind of sweat that results from emotional stimuli. Coming back to why sweating is important and how it supports our youth & vitality by means of releasing toxins from the body, toxins can slow down our bodies, immune systems and even our ability to process foods we eat.  If left unchecked, they can build up leaving us feeling sluggish and lethargic while we put on weight.

We take in toxins via the food we eat, from our busy lifestyles, and even from breathing polluted air.  Our body also creates toxins:  for example, waste from “spent” human cells are considered toxic and our body excretes them by means of urination, sweating and defecation to name a few.  Our body naturally detoxifies itself daily, but if we take in more toxins than we release, we can have a build-up of toxins in our body which can have detrimental health effects. As we know by now, excess toxins that cannot be flushed out in time will be stored in excess body fat! That’s why it is so important to sweat out any excess toxins. If there are no excess toxins in our body, no excess fat will be created to house those toxins!

The easiest way I know of to support our bodies in detoxifying itself is to sweat it out!  Whether that means hitting the gym, going for a game of squash a few times a week, running around the block or partaking in SweatSpa’s Far-Infrared sauna, all can help you to rid your body of harmful toxins.

Obviously, the most effortless method is spending just 30 to 45 minutes in a SweatSpa FIR cabin. As far as Ning Baizura is concerned, it seems that she really is partial to SweatSpa’s Far-Infrared technology.  I myself have tried it and absolutely loved it.  It is as easy as going to one of their spa in Sha Alam, their spa in Penang, their spa in Atria or the spa in Bangsar Shopping Centre, sitting down for 30 to 40 minutes, listening to music or messing around on FaceBook while sweating and ridding yourself of harmful toxins!  It is that simple.  If you are not one to go to places outside your home to detox, you can also purchase one of their Far-Infrared Saunas for your own particular use in the comfort of your own house or condo.

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Best wishes,

Jana Moreno

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