“Every 1 Out of 5 Malaysians Suffer from Eczema?” 5 Reasons Why Body Detoxification Is Important!

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Surprised by the statistics? Well, contrary to popular belief, eczema is quite a common condition that’s been a pain in the neck for those who suffer from it. A painful skin condition that causes discomfort like itchiness, redness and dryness, eczema also known as dermatitis is caused by a person’s hypersensitivity to stimuli such as fabrics, soaps, detergents, dust and pets. 

Additionally, hereditary factors and certain foods could also trigger eczema aside from stress and sudden temperature changes. Some research has also discovered the link between eczema and mineral deficiency. 

The plight that comes with all the attempts to find the right treatment for your eczema flare-up is very much understood. It is an exhausting and frustrating journey to experience and the impact of eczema on a person’s life quality is unimaginable. 

As there is no permanent or definitive cure for the condition, there are several treatments available that can alleviate symptoms and prevent outbreaks. These treatments range from lifestyle adjustments to prescription drugs and therapies.

Humour us here, what if there is a method that proves to not only relieve your eczema symptoms but also gives your body multiple benefits to gain from? Sounds impossible? Well, be ready to explore the possibilities you do not wish to miss out on as you continue reading this piece today. We are ready to dive deeper into the connection between body detoxification through an infrared sauna room of a body wellness spa in Malaysia and how it helps with treating eczema symptoms! 

5 Benefits of How Body Detoxification and the Sauna Room of Body Wellness Spa in Malaysia Helps with Eczema Symptoms

Rising popularly as one of the preferred choices of relaxation and soul therapy as many would say, saunas in Malaysia have plenty of benefits in general. These benefits consequently turn out to be a great advantage for those with eczema. 

Due to the flare-ups that one would experience with eczema, the outer skin layer that functions as a barrier gets damaged and becomes more susceptible to irritants and allergens mentioned above, triggering an immune response that causes inflammation. From here, the symptoms develop like redness, swellings and itching. This cycle of skin irritation, if not managed, becomes a loop of agony. 

  • Quality Sleep & Destressing 

Without a doubt, your journey with eczema would have affected your mental well-being as the flare-ups may keep you up all night, compromising your daily routine along the way. It is stressful to function the next day with little to no sleep and add that up with your constant skin discomfort, your entire day would just be ruined. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 

With a built-in chromo light in an infrared sauna room therapy in a body wellness spa in Malaysia, you get to pick from various selections of light colour that suits your need at the moment. Known as a great source of stress buster, you’d only reduce your flare-up through your sauna sessions but also be able to sleep like a baby after that. 

  • Skin Care Regime That Suits You

Yes, you may have all sorts of products tailored to suit your eczema needs but don’t let your mind fool you that those products are the only skin care you need. From a broader perspective, there are many factors involved in keeping your skin healthy. Thus, it is only sensible to utilise all resources possible to treat your eczema instead of just skincare products as a solution. 

A near-infrared light spectrum from the sauna room in our body wellness spa in Malaysia has shown to be effective when it comes to tissue growth, skin renewal, cell health and wound healing. Hence, not only do you get to decompress your stress and eczema symptoms, but you would be pampering your skin with healing treatment just by sitting in one place. 

  • Curating Your Eczema-Friendly Diet 

As it plays a significant role in causing your eczema symptoms, paying attention to your diet is crucial. Discovering your personal food needs is important to minimise issues with allergies and eczema. It is important to understand that while some food may not directly cause eczema, it can still trigger a flare-up, especially if you already have the condition. Thus, it only makes sense to stick with an eczema-friendly diet so you are sure to manage your symptoms. 

  • Boosting Immune System

With strong immunity as your main defence, countering eczema symptoms can be tremendously manageable. As factors like diet and stress affect your immune system, taking an extra measure holistically to build up your immune system isn’t such a bad idea. 

The three range of wavelength options within the full spectrum infrared sauna in our body wellness spa room in Malaysia can penetrate deep into your skin, encouraging blood flow stimulation and healing various tissues along the way. 

  • Eliminate All Toxins Away

The basis of an infrared sauna is to sweat it out. Why? It is one of the most cohesive ways to detox your body. As we know, these toxins may originate from the triggers that could have led to a flare-up in the first place. By removing the toxins out of the body, your overall health gets better allowing you to combat eczema symptoms and flare-ups with much better strength. All it takes is a step towards an easy breezy session in a sauna room on a weekend at a body wellness spa in Malaysia

Body Wellness Spa and Sauna Room in Malaysia is Your Next Eczema Management Step 

Now that you’ve seen all that you can reap from a body wellness spa’s infrared sauna room at an affordable price in KL, Malaysia, what are you waiting for? Drop us a call and book an appointment, begin your holistic transformation for your eczema management today!


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