Come and experience sweating like you never sweat before

It’s really quite simple. In a conventional sauna, steam is used to heat the body. With sweatspa®, Full Spectrum Infrared heat is used. While the heat from steam will cause us to sweat, the heat is only on the skin surface.

With Full Spectrum Infrared, the heat generated reaches deeper into our bodies, treating joints, muscles and tissues – and best of all, it’s totally safe and does not dehydrate your body. It’s just gentle and soothing heat emitted by light, much like the heat generated by the sun, all in the indoor comfort.

There are many centres offering Far Infrared Therapy (FIR) but only a few, like sweatspa®, that offers a full spectrum infrared. With full spectrum infrared, you will benefit from near, mid and far-infrared spectrums combined – giving you a wider range of benefits.

All therapy sessions comes with chromo light which uses the frequencies of light for the following benefits:

Best Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna KL, Malaysia

Helps in treating stiffness and constrictions
Ideal for nervous or nerve related conditions
Universal healing colour
Used for speech, communication or throat and is a mentally relaxing colour
Frees the mind and relieves depression
For neurosis, scalp diseases, cramps and epilepsy
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