How to Build Muscle Quickly

Building muscles take time and energy.  You aren’t going to get the body of your dreams overnight, nor are you going to get it by exercising for 20 minutes once a week.  As with most endeavors in life, it takes commitment and persistence.  If you have these qualities, then the rest is simply doing what needs to be done!

How to Build Muscle Quickly

First, you want to make sure that you are taking in enough calories.  While protein is important, calories are also very important.  The goal here would be to get your body into what is called an anabolic state, which is when tissues found within the human body obtain energy for growth and maintenance.  Basically, it is a balance between diet, training and rest:  once anabolic state is achieved, it is easy to grow muscle.

Second, you want to make sure that you are eating a healthy diet.  Again, simply eating protein doesn’t give your body what it needs to function correctly, however, a healthy blend of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats will help you build muscle quickly.  Remembering to eat several small meals a day will support you in achieving your muscle-building goals.

Thirdly, remember to drink plenty of water and to stay hydrated.  This is very important for your body to flush out any toxins or lactic acid build-up.  Lactic acid is produced in the body when there is a lack of oxygen in the blood that is meant to fuel our muscles as we are working out.  As an example, lifting weights requires more energy, and if our bodies can’t keep up with the oxygen demand, then glucose is broken down into something called pyruvate which is then often converted to lactate.

Fourth, REST!!  When you are building muscle you have to keep in mind that you are also breaking them down.  Resting helps muscles to receive the proper nutrients and recover.  Usually between 24 and 72 hours after a workout, you may notice that your muscles feel sore which results in a lack of your usual range of motions.  The good news is that you can do something about muscle soreness when you combine your muscle-building regime with an effective detoxification method.

How to Build Muscles Without Feeling Sore

One of the things that I have noticed a day or two after the workout is how sore my muscles were.  It sometimes can take two or three days for my muscles to stop aching.  Surprisingly enough, there are ways you can reduce the pain you feel in your muscles after a workout, and one of the ways is to sit in a Far-Infrared Sauna a couple hours after exercising.

After a workout, you may experience muscle inflammation.  A Far-Infrared Sauna, such as though offering by SweatSpa in Kuala Lumpur, actually increases circulation helping your muscles get the oxygen and nutrients it needs.  Additionally, you sweat in the Far-Infrared Sauna and there are many healing benefits of sweat.

The Healing Benefits of Sweat

  • Sweating helps you remove lactic acid build-up after a work-out;
  • Sweating boosts your endorphins (feel-good hormones that put a smile on your face AND endorphins are natural painkillers);
  • Sweating prevents virus and bacterial infections by producing antimicrobial peptides;
  • Sweating unclogs your pores which can reduce pimples;
  • Sweating detoxifies your body;
  • Sweating is a great form of stress relief;

As far as muscle pain is concerned, when you remove the lactic acid build-up and boost your endorphins via sweating, which act as natural painkillers, it is no wonder that people like visiting the Far-Infrared Sauna after a strenuous workout!  The good news is that even if you have never heard of a Far-infrared sauna, they are present in Malaysia.

Sweatspa has outlet in the Bangsar Shopping Centre, Atria Shopping Mall, and Great Eastern Mall .  If you would like to find a Far-Infrared Sauna near you or your gym, simply click here.

Wishing you a sweaty good time!

Jana Moreno

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