How To Plan & Start A New Sauna Business in Malaysia: A Beginner-Friendly Guide

sweatspa® is designed to cater to everyone in the current time, a lifestyle solution for those who are looking to rejuvenate themselves through sweat, but by relaxing at just one place when they don’t have the time or energy for a workout session or an outdoor activity. As we see around us nowadays, the demand from career and other life aspects are such that most people barely find the time for themselves, and when they do, tend to lose motivation to move their body.

Thus, sweatspa® came into being, an infrared sauna spa centre aimed to provide a space to not only sweat out, but one that comes with health benefits through infrared therapy suitable for men, women and families. A perfect spot to unwind individually or with loved ones, sweatspa® centres are vibrant and serene, creating a therapeutic vibe for the mind, body and soul fitting to the purpose.

Aside from the customer base centres, sweatspa® also offers commercial solutions for those with interest to start up their own sauna business or entrepreneurs with established businesses adjoining similarly to this niche such as the fitness centres, healthcare providers, beauty and wellness centres, etc.

sweatspa’s® Opportunities Help Start-Ups/ Entrepreneurs to Plan a Sauna Business

Seeking a solution she realised her husband faced as he struggled to exercise to sweat due to his medical condition, Sabrina Tang founded sweatspa® close to ten years ago. Now, sweatspa® has established five outlets across Klang Valley and have recently acquired our franchising licence as we look forward to stepping up our business game plan. In this write- up, we will be looking through the concept of starting a sauna business extensively as we cover aspects of how to start and plan a sauna business, especially an infrared sauna, the cost involved and how profitable it can be. Shall we?

As one of the pioneers of sauna with infrared sauna therapy intended to benefit customers beyond their skin, sweatspa® has become an influential expert in the industry as we have various accomplishments highlighting our competence in business such as the Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) 2016, the Integrated Wellness of the Year award in Asia Pacific at 2022’s Global Health Asia Pacific Awards (GHAPAC), the Harper’s Bazaar Spa Awards 2016. The Shanghai Elite Entrepreneurs Award 2017 and the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia Awards (NAWEM) 2023.

The struggle start-ups face when it comes to planning a sauna business with many risk factors involved such as operating and maintenance costs, target market’s understanding on the concept of sauna therapy, staff training, customer retention and the common seasonal fluctuation, founding an entire new concept can be daunting for many. Hence, the idea of buying into a franchise and starting a business from there is a reasonable move.

Steps to Planning a Sauna Business – Target Market to Execution

Before starting any form of business, understanding the target market is the first step to it. When planning a business plan for an infrared sauna, there are three target markets that are worth researching. Firstly would be the gender population that are more inclined for a sauna retreat, as the obvious would state it is mostly women within the mid-age range of 20s to late 40s who are more likely to desire an escape from their daily routine and look at this as a self-care time.

The second factor would be those with hectic corporate or busy lifestyles and also fitness enthusiasts who have obvious comprehension of the need of rejuvenation and appreciate the benefits of a sauna. Lastly would be based on the geographical location that encompasses both the beforehand mentioned factors, as that would wrap up the demand that caters for an infrared sauna business plan foundation.

The other crucial parts to take into consideration when you plan for an infrared sauna business is to look into how much does it cost to start a sauna business and how is it profitable in the long run, i.e ensuring it will be a worthy investment and a sustainable business. No denying that these factors are not easy to look through hence getting guides from those experts who have been running the business and established a strong brand rapport within the industry like sweatspa® itself would be the best way to start an infrared sauna business or enhancing your existing business by adding sweatspa® as part of it.

Start a Sauna Business or Make it Part of Your Business with sweatspa®

For those wanting to run their own infrared sauna business, your investment begins with only RM35,000 per sweatspa’s® infrared sauna unit that comes with the perk of being trained hands on by sweatspa’s® team in how you can run your business to a success through their business roadmap,

Businesses within the industries of healthcare, aesthetic clinics and fitness centres may gain profit improvement by including sweatspa’s® infrared unit within their business vicinities. Given these certified units are designed with low EMF levels to provide a safer and healthier infrared sauna experience with three levels of infrared spectrums serving different health benefits, the high quality crafted units that come with user-friendly control panels convenient for temperature and time adjustment, it is a great way to complement your business for further addition to your business revenue stream.

As sweatspa® have a strong branding foundation with over 65% customer retention and are actively converting their business through offline and online marketing, our understanding of how the infrared sauna business run from planning to execution would be a key point to invest confidently with as we walk alongside you kickstarting your entrepreneurial journey in starting an infrared sauna business.

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