Malaysia’s #1 Guide: How Infrared Sauna Rooms Help You Lose Weight Fast!

Shedding some kilos by merely sitting in a sauna room may sound too good to be true, but it can actually happen. A previous study mentioned that consistent usage of an infrared sauna could lose weight up to 4% over the course of four months. This means, spending 45 minutes per day for three days in a sauna room has enticing benefits for your body.

Many people consider the best infrared sauna to be the one that utilizes far-infrared technology, which is said to penetrate deeper into the body and provide more health benefits. Of course, you will need some clarification on the way infrared saunas can lose weight fast just by lying down while enjoying the steam. 

Read on to better understand how it works to benefit our body and you will fathom why many have opted for their own home sauna in Malaysia.

The Best Benefits Of Using An Infrared Sauna Room

Increase metabolism

Our body contains a complex endocrine system that aids in regulating various bodily functions as well as our metabolism. But when the system is not functioning properly, it will lead to slowed metabolism — one of the physical obstacles to losing weight. The best thing about infrared sauna is the heat is able to penetrate the skin and directly reach the endocrine system to speed up our metabolism. Our endocrine system becomes more effective as a result of this stimulation which helps to lose weight through infrared saunas.

Relieve stress

One of the main causes of our inability to lose weight is stress. Fortunately, the best infrared sauna has demonstrated that stress levels can be alleviated if you find it calming to sit in a sauna room for a set amount of times. Your body could concentrate more on reducing extra weight when you are less stressed since a lab study suggests that fat cells may be generated by constant stress. Due to this physiological response, utilizing infrared saunas to lose weight is a simple, cozy, and unwinding method among other approaches. It won’t be such a bad idea to have your own home sauna to enjoy after a stressful day at work.

Undoubtedly, whether you are looking to reduce stress, improve your skin, or simply enjoy some time to yourself, a home sauna in Malaysia is a fantastic way to do so.

Elevate heart rate

Elevating your heart rate is one of the most significant ways an infrared sauna could offer to lose some weight. The research was done in 2017 stating that enjoying saunas can raise your heart rate and keep that rate for up to 30 minutes after you leave the sauna room. Similar to moderate-intensity exercise, this cardiac response can cause weight loss since it increases heart rate while also improving blood circulation and burning a few calories.

Sleep better at night

Another benefit of hopping into a sauna room is it can detoxify your body. As the infrared sauna can reach deep into your skin, it aids in depleting the toxins in your body — leading to better sleep later that night. Thus, schedule 3 times a day to go to an infrared sauna to lose weight as part of your healthy weight loss plan. You get to feel relaxed in the sauna room and get adequate and quality sleep at night while also reducing food cravings that most people usually experience when their sleeping schedule is inconsistent. Triple win!

The Bottom Line

Some may say stepping into an infrared sauna to lose weight is simply losing the water weight. While sweating in a sauna room most certainly causes you to lose water weight, it offers other benefits to your body — such as burning some calories, flushing toxins out of your body, and boosting your immune system. 

An infrared sauna to lose weight is a safe and effective way to improve your health and support your weight loss goals, as long as it is used as part of a comprehensive wellness plan. However, you should also adopt regular exercise and a balanced diet to support your healthy lifestyle too while having an infrared sauna to lose weight as a complementary tool.

Overall, a home sauna in Malaysia has slowly become a trend in most houses as it enhances the exclusivity of the house while at the same time, you get to savor your own version of spa time. To experience the idea, book a sauna trial session with sweatspa® as we provide the best infrared sauna for homes.

The Best Infrared Sauna & Home Sauna in Malaysia

A home sauna in Malaysia can be designed to fit the specific designs and preferences of the homeowner. That is why when shopping for the best infrared sauna, look for one that is well-constructed, easy to use, and features reliable heat sources.

With the tropical climate in Malaysia, sweatspa® focuses on providing the best infrared sauna as a great way for you to enjoy some indoor comfort without stepping into a wellness center. Besides, a home sauna in Malaysia can add value to a property, making it a smart investment for homeowners who are looking to improve their living spaces.

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