Everything You Need To Know About Our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna for Homes in Malaysia

We all know the importance of sweating by now, to help regulate the body temperature and flush out the toxins. However, our day-to-day routine demands most of our time either at the back of the screen as we are engrossed in the hustle and bustle of culture. This causes limitations for many of you to make time for activities that allow you to sweat like workouts and outdoor activities. Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys those activities now, do they? 

So what is your best option to ensure your body gets to sweat, relax and feel therapeutic all in one place, without asking you to move your body much? Well, time for you to consider getting your home the best-infrared sauna that suits your space and affordability!

While the conventional steam sauna releases heat only for your skin surface to sweat, our best seller for home Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna takes it a step further by penetrating your skin and body to aid your muscles, joints and tissues without causing you dehydration and is completely safe! 

Let’s check out some of the benefits you can gain from only the best indoor infrared sauna for your home in Malaysia.

Benefits of Indoor Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna for Your Home in Malaysia

We firstly should understand the combination of all three levels of infrared wavelengths that comes in our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna that aims to deliver targeted results according to your needs just at your home. 

The near-infrared rays help you achieve effective tissue growth, skin renewal, overall cell health and even wound healing. You get to relieve body aches and attain skin purification through this particular wavelength. The mid-infrared rays take it up a notch in healing muscle and joint pains and healing injured tissues by improving circulation and blood flow, aside from assisting in weight loss which is a goal for many. The far infrared rays which are the deepest penetration activate your sweat glands which align with the purpose of detoxification and cell rejuvenation. 

Sweatspa offers one of the top high-in-demand full-spectrum infrared saunas for Malaysian homes as the quality is unmatchable. Comes with an eco-certified cedar, you can rest assured that your home sauna does not cause toxicity through its feature, instead gives structural integration, and proper insulation, maintains the EMF exposure and does not compromise the aesthetic appeal that you’d like to have. 

By ensuring our full-spectrum infrared sauna regulates specifically with low EMF (electromagnetic field), your body is safe from the risk of harmful radiation which would then contradict the purpose of the sauna itself. You need not worry about more toxin burden in the process of flushing toxins out of your body with Sweatspa’s best infrared full spectrum sauna at your home

Comes with chromotherapy that intends to not only elevate your mood with the enhancement of coloured light for therapeutic purposes in your sauna, each colour benefits your body and mind with individual healing effects as a compliment to the overall health benefit of bestselling our full-spectrum infrared sauna

  • Red – helps with treating stiffness and constriction 
  • Yellow – Ideal for nervous or nerve related conditions
  • Green – Universal healing colour
  • Blue – Used for speech, communication/ throat, mentally relaxing colour
  • Orange – Frees the mind and relieves depression
  • Violet –  For neurosis, scalp diseases, cramps and epilepsy

Having a comfortable seat during your sauna makes it more relaxing especially when you wish to heal from back pain. Given our full-spectrum infrared sauna is packaged with an ergonomic backrest of an S-shaped bench to support your back naturally, you can rest at ease with the pressure off your back while you sweat out all your toxins. 

If you’re often on a tight schedule and like to plan ahead, you may just benefit from the reservation mode available in Sweatspa’s full-spectrum infrared sauna. All you need to do is choose and schedule a specific timeframe you’d like to use your home sauna for it to heat up and be ready for your use on the go. 

In short, you benefit from having our indoor Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna for your home for many health aspects like skin purification, detoxification, deep relaxation, weight loss, improved blood pressure regulation and overall cell health. 

Let it be the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones and purchase one of the best full-spectrum infrared saunas for your home today!  

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