Get Beautiful Skin from the Inside Out

Avoiding heavy cleansers laced with chemicals and synthetic makeup are great ways to promote healthy, beautiful skin, but there are also many other things that can support us in keeping our epidermis beautiful and healthy.

After poking around in science and beauty periodicals such as today.com and mindbodygreen.com, one of the things that kept turning up over and over was to detoxify your skin.  Another thing that kept popping up was how people actually hurt their skin in their attempt to get that gorgeous glow that most people are after!

So, in this article, we take a look at how you can detoxify your skin, what you can do to support in gaining that awesome glow, and pitfalls to avoid while trying to achieve radiant skin.

What Hurts Your Beautiful Skin

First and foremost, it is important to address some of the things people do that actually hurts their skin:

  • Heavy cleansers with chemicals

Most people wouldn’t put harmful chemicals on their infants, but will happily pay upwards of a few hundred ringgits to slap it on themselves!  Heavy cleansers with chemicals can sometimes be harsh to the skin, and can actually clog your pores with residue instead of clearing them.

  • Drying out your skin via showering too often

Especially living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where it is hot all the time, it is not uncommon for people to shower two to three times a day.  This can also hurt your skin, especially if you are using harsh soaps and cleansers.

  • Using heavy lotions

While hydrating your skin is important, using heavy lotions can again contain harmful chemicals and pollutants that can do more harm than good.  Instead, try an all-natural lotion or one with all natural ingredients such as aloe vera or cucumber in it.

  • Not drinking enough water

While many of us drink liquid throughout the day, the best way to drink water is in small quantities every hour.  Many of us are used to taking huge gulps with each meal, but just because we drink the recommended amount of water does not mean that our bodies absorb it.  Drink small quantities frequently, such as a glass over an hour every hour, and you are doing your body and your skin a huge favor!

  • Not wearing sunscreen (regardless of your skin colour)

While going out in the sun is beneficial, too much of it can be a bad thing!  Harmful radiation can cause wrinkles, age spots and more if you spend too much time under the sun!

  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices (such as bad diet, lack of exercise, etc)

Last, but definitely not least, is our lifestyle choices.  When we overload our bodies with highly-processed food or beverages and we aren’t careful, we may be actually putting more toxins in the body than it is able to detox!  Even if you don’t give up your fried chicken or bee hoon, you can still add a salad or choose to eat more natural food and drinks the rest of the day.


Ways to Detoxify Your Skin

  • Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water supports your body in doing what it does best: detoxification!  As stated above, drink frequently in small quantities throughout the day for best results.

  • Eat all-natural foods/avoid synthetic foods

You know that cucumber that they serve with nasi lemak?  You should probably stop tossing it aside.  And if you absolutely have to eat Maggie mee, why not add some fresh cut tomatoes and spring onion to it?  The whole point is that if you are not going to stop eating junk food, at the very least, help your body to process it.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar as a skin tonic

The great thing about apple cider vinegar is that you can use it as both a topical agent for your skin and as a shot before bedtime!  Apple cider vinegar has many healing qualities, and will support your body and skin in detoxing.

  • Cucumber skins on face

Putting cucumber skins and/or aloe vera on your face can be a very good thing. They contain natural alpha-hydroxy acids that purifies your skin.

  • Sweat!!!!

While there are many ways to detoxify your skin, one way that really gives fast results is using the Far-Infrared Sauna.  With endorsements from Oprah, Dr. Phil and even Ning Baizura, the Far-Infrared Sauna really speaks for itself.  For example, sitting in a Far-Infrared Sauna for 30 minutes doesn’t only burn up to 700 calories, but since the infrared rays penetrate your skin up to an inch and a half, you literally sweat toxins out through your skin!

Ning Baizura says, “I love SweatSpa because I can sweat out toxins effortlessly.  It also gives me smoother skin and I feel revitalised after each session!”

The best news is that there are several locations of SweatSpa, premiere Far-Infrared Sauna supplier, in Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Ampang.  To find out which SweatSpa is closest to you, simply click here and see which location suits your needs!

Wishing you a sweaty good time!

Jana Moreno

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