Fattest to Fittest: sweatspa Comes to Rescue!

The other time when Malaysians came across the headline on social media news feed that reads, “Malaysia is the most obese country in Asia” , we were taken aback and could only stare at the screen open-mouthed. It was found that half of the Malaysian population is overweight or obese, as reported by The Star.

Many of us could also be seen screaming and scratching heads over the question,


Well, why not ? It’s a prosperous nation, after all! By “prosperous”, we mean ahem! We are prosperous because of food la! In other words, we hail from foodies’ paradise.

It’s quite unimaginable to let go of late night mamak sessions, roti canai and nasi lemak, kan kan kannnn ?

That being the first bad news, here’s a second one. 2018 is almost over and It’s NEW YEAR SOON! Yes, you read it right. It’s 2019 soon. Whatever happened to 2018 weight loss goals, only God knows! However, there is always a bright side behind two bad news!

“Worry not! Why fear when sweatspa is here ?”

In general, the factors that affect body weight include genetics, over-eating and lack of exercise. However, when we dive deep into the root causes, the one thing that could help to combat this problem is SWEAT. As reported by the Star, a survey revealed that most working Malaysians lead largely sedentary lifestyles and these put them at risk of obesity. Hence, sweatspa feels responsible to play a role in helping Malaysians to basically, JUST SWEAT and SWEAT IT RIGHT!

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Here are 5 ways sweatspa’s Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna can be your year-end life-changing decision;


1. Calorie burn and fat loss  

“Almost 600 calories are burnt by only sitting”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS ?! “Yes, you read it right! Sauna is great for your body because it is not only an organic cooling mechanism but it is also a natural detoxification. Sauna will also require you to drink a lot of water hence our infrared sauna helps you to hydrate from time to time which eventually accelerates weight loss through detox.   

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2.Muscle growth

Toning and building muscle mass works better when work out sessions are coupled with sauna sesh. It also aids muscle recovery and increases endurance capacity especially if you are active in sports.  

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Link: http://www.projectnext.net/the-6-best-post-workout-supplements-for-muscle-growth-recovery/


3.A beginner-friendly sweating guide

If you have never worked out before or not sure where to begin, sweastpa is the place to get started at. This is because sauna is also another alternative to sweating and burning calories. A full spectrum infrared sauna provokes the same physical response without effort and leaves your dripping wet. It’s a perfect detox regime!

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4.Privacy &  judgement-free space

Our sauna cabins are equipped with Bluetooth audio system accompanied with LED chromotherapy mood lighting.While your privacy is enhanced with soothing music and light, perfect mindfulness and me-me time is guaranteed. You shall have the private cabin all for yourself!

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5. Free body screening to keep track of BMI

An important part of weight loss plan is to track your progress. Before the session, you will receive a free body screening that measures everything from your body weight, to your BMI (body mass index), to your muscle mass and more. Hence, this will help you to know your body better and plan your weight loss strategies ahead.  


All that we are saying is, “WORK UP A HEALTHY SWEAT”. It’s your wake up call from sweatspa! We believe #MalaysiaBaru also means a new you, me and us! Lets welcome 2019 healthier and better, in shape! It’s not too late to achieve your 2018 weight goals yet!


Join sweatspa today, thank yourself later!

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