How does this sauna work?
Our smart sauna produces near, mid and far infrared. The wavelength will penetrate 3 to 4 deep inches deep into your body tissue. The wavelength will stimulate and activate your water molecules to vibrate. The vibration together with the heat resonance pushes out Toxins which are stored inside your fat cells; thus the toxins will exit the body through the sweat glands. In addition, the wavelengths also helps dilates blood vessels for better blood flow.
What do I need to eat? What should I eat?
Just eat normal, no special diets or foods to avoid. Just like before any sporting activities, make sure you don’t attend any sessions with an empty stomach. Don’t overeat and make sure you allow 1 hour of rest before your session starts.
Is the sauna harmful to the skin?
No, it is not harmful for the skin. Instead, it helps to rejuvenate the skin, improve overall skin tone softness, elasticity, clarity, firmness and also boost up your own natural collagen production in the body.
This sauna can make my skin tan?
No, this is a clinical grade sauna. It would not cause your skin to tan as it does not produce any UV rays (which is harmful to the skin).
Do you provide shower here?
We do not provide shower facility here. It’s not advisable to take a shower immediately after the session as your body’s core temperature is still high and skin pores still opened. Taking a shower during your body still warm “Not good for your lungs and heart” and the water chlorine (toxin) will re-enter into your body
Can I eat after the sauna?
yes, you can eat but be mindful of your calories intake as you may tend to be quite hungry after a session.
How much weight I can lose in one session?
In every single session within 30 minutes, you are burning 500 – 600 calories. Our customers can burn anywhere within 0.5 – 2.0 kg of fat in 1 session depending on your water level and body type. The higher the total body water, the more fat can be burned.
Can I use my phone inside the sauna?
It is NOT advisable to bring your hand phone inside the sauna cabin due to radiation the hand phone emits.
What can I do inside the sauna? Just sitting?
There are many things you can do while inside the sauna cabin, such as relaxing, napping, meditating, reading, stretching, hot yoga, exercise, etc.
Is it safe for cancer patient and low blood pressure?
Cancer often grows in tissues with poor circulation that results in poor nutrition and oxygenation. Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy can boost overall blood circulation, delivering nutrition, hormones, oxygen and other substances to all body tissues. If you have low blood pressure, you can still enjoy Sweatspa’s Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy. Just make sure you don’t lie down or have your head facing down during the session.
Can I use sauna if I am having my period?
Yes, you can. However, because heating up the lower back are of women during their menstrual period may temporarily increase their menstrual flow, thus it is required for one to wear a sanitary pad during the session (for hygienic purposes). In fact it is good to help reducing menstrual cramp.
Do I need to bring anything such as towels, clothes etc?
No, you do not need to do so. Towels and hair dryer are provided. For the best results, it is advisable to expose as much skin as possible during the sauna session. It is optional for you to bring extra clothing.
How many times in a week can I do the sauna session?
It is best to do the sauna session daily. However, it depends on your availability to do so, all the while keeping yourself well hydrated. (Note: Overdoing it may cause your body to become too tired). At sweatspa™, we recommend on average to do it 2 – 4 times a week depending on the customers target needs.
Can one use the sauna while breastfeeding (lactation stage)?
Yes, you may do so as this is very good for your lactation. However, please consult with your physician beforehand.
Saunas & Pregnancy
It is strongly NOT recommended for pregnant women. We do not have any study and testimony for pregnant women using infrared saunas.