Come and join us with this growing venture, we have different business opportunities for you to explore

After more than 5 years of retailing and providing Full Spectrum Infrared sauna services to the Southeast Asia populace, sweatspa® is now responded to growing interest from potential business partners by launching its official commercial solutions.

Our business-to-business (B2B) services take the quality of services and international product standards to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to invest in saunas.

Whether you are looking to start your own sauna spa business (Option A) or use the proven health benefits of sauna technology to enhance and add value to your current business model (Option B), we have the fit for you.

Why invest in sweatspa® cabins?

  1. Return on investment (ROI): With low set-up costs, an individual sauna unit starts paying for itself from as fast to a month to up to 3 months.
  2. Types of customers: The range of sweatspa® cabins from single to a four-person sauna, can cater to an equally wide range of customers. While many of our retail consumers come to us for weight loss, some choose to buy a home unit for the privacy it affords. The various benefits of proven Full Spectrum technology also widens the customer market, from athletes recovering from muscle pain to office workers seeking stress-relieving and rejuvenation.
  3. Steady, additional income stream: sweatspa® sauna cabins are easy to transport, easy to set up, and easy to operate with minimal hassle, while adding another steady income stream to your business. Wherever you sit in the hospitality, wellness or fitness industries, our saunas can help you stand out from the competition.
On an average:
Income Boost after breaking-even is
RM25,000/annually for first year and RM60,000/annually for following years!

Option A: Starting Your Own Sauna Business

Based on our experience operating these spas in different locations and marketing efforts catering to separate consumer demographics, our sweatspa® team will be on hand at any of our outlets to give you a primer on how this business can turn a profit for you too!

017-947 6088 to schedule a visit to our outlets.

With an initial investment of as low as RM35,000 (US$8860) per sweatspa® infrared sauna unit, you get:

Wellness consultant training to streamline the sweatspa® customer experience
Our tried-and-tested marketing toolkit designed for the whole spectrum of customers, from those new to infrared saunas to educated users.
Pricing plans and packages, as well as customer loyalty programmes 5-year warranty for all sauna cabins
Access to periodical webinars on our website, and promotion-specific brochures for high-traffic periods ie. Mother’s Day, Christmas.

Option B: Enhancing Your Existing Business

Our Full Spectrum Infrared saunas can be placed anywhere in the wellness industry, which globally reached US$4.2 trillion in 2017.

This makes us a top partner to adjacent businesses in the fitness, healthcare, and wellness sectors, such as:



With the aging population spending more on healthcare and wellness, consider sweatspa® Full Spectrum sauna cabins a useful addition to your healthcare service. Our saunas have been proven to give significant relief for patients with chronic pain.


Make your outlet stand out by getting aging patients or those with chronic pain to try out the fast pain relief and wound healing properties of infrared heat. Package sweatspa infrared sauna sessions with loyalty cards to offer added value to regular customers.

Aesthetic Clinics:

Meanwhile, aesthetic customers will enjoy the benefits of improved skin and increased detoxification, with the sweating clearing off impurities and better circulation leading to a more radiant skin tone.

Physiotherapy Specialists:

The better circulation will also aid faster wound healing for recovering athletes or other physio patients. Expect faster muscle pain relief as increased circulation delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscle while Full Spectrum heat relieves muscle tension.

Fitness Centres/Sports Clubs:

After putting the body on a high-intensity cardio programme or vibrant group workout, your customers will welcome a session in a sweatspa® Full Spectrum sauna without the messiness of a steam sauna. Expect them to come away relaxed with a boosted immune system thanks to the increased metabolism the infrared rays will trigger. Place a sweatspa® unit in your sports clubs or sports schools for your young athletes a place to soothe those sore muscles and remove toxins at the end of training.

If your type business is not listed here but you want some sweatspa® heat in your corner, contact us at info@sweatspa.com to talk to our team for dedicated solutions

Pair any of our sweatspa® Full Spectrum sauna cabins with your business, and you get:

Our tried-and-tested marketing toolkit designed for the whole spectrum of customers, from those new to infrared saunas to educated users.
Cross-promotional and referral opportunities with our sweatspa® retail outlets, particularly doing a festival or holiday periods.
Our dedicated technical expertise in setting up cabins at your business.
5-year warranty for all sauna cabins.

Would you like to join the sweatspa® evolution?