“Every 1 Out of 5 Malaysians Suffer from Eczema?” 5 Reasons Why Body Detoxification Is Important!

body detoxification treatment

Did you spend a fortune treating your eczema with little to no success? Felt as if your skin is flawless and clear just for a couple of days then all of a sudden changes direction?

Dermatologist, Dr. Tarita Taib stated that about 20% of Malaysians suffer from eczema, a type of skin condition that necessitates tedious medical attention. Many inevitably find it challenging and pricey to explore various methods to manage their breakouts. 

Fret not!

Naturally, our bodies depend on our efforts to detoxify, ensuring everything is functioning properly, just like how you would service your car when necessary. Due to the body’s immunity’s aggressive reaction toward toxins, regular body detoxification treatment is said to make eczema easier to control. Here’s how to detoxify your body in order to treat your type of eczema.

Get good quality sleep and de-stress

Sleep is necessary for recovery, repair, and resetting for the next day, which is why we need to sleep for about one-third of our lives. Since eczema is more likely to flare up at night, due to our body overheating and perspiring excessively, it’s essential to set the right room temperature when you sleep (24 degrees Celcius). 

Also, be sure to exert your body during the day and take a warm shower before bed. Not forgetting that many of us tend to scratch ourselves unconsciously when we’re sleeping so slap a band-aid on to avoid further wounds and get some rest.

Stick to a good skin care regime

Maintaining a suitable skincare routine is crucial. To keep the skin healthy, smooth, and free from dryness, beneficial habits such as this should be followed even when there are no flare-ups.

At least twice daily, moisturize, and pat dry your skin after washing. Then apply a minimum of 500ml of moisturizer for an adult with eczema each week, and 250ml should be applied to a kid. And don’t forget to use it everywhere, not just on your eczema patches.

Make dietary adjustments

Eliminate foods that may trigger your type of eczema. Eczema is an umbrella term that branches out into various types, which typically occurs when the body’s immunity reacts aggressively to something unfitting and the skin gets inflamed.

Knowing this, many nutrition experts have advised patients with eczema not to ingest anything inflammatory such as refined carbohydrates, excessive sugar as well as red meat. Instead, try to add in healthy healing foods that decrease inflammation while promoting better immunity. Make sure to also hydrate your body often to flush out unwanted toxins. 

Manage stress and boost your immune system

Managing your stress level is another way to enhance your immune system. Studies have shown that being drained mentally and emotionally can cause your body to produce fewer antibodies that help fight infections and diseases.

Not to mention, the human brain releases anti-inflammatory chemicals when laughing, so laugh like no one’s watching and do more activities that bring the body to a relaxed state. Support your body’s natural stress response as well as keep your stress levels to decrease eczema flares. 

Body detoxification

All of the above are a form of body detoxification treatment that ensures your eczema is under control. However, nothing beats good detoxification like sweating. Oftentimes we get too busy or tired to even think about doing some cardio to excrete healthily, ergo why relaxing in a sauna cabin filled with heat can be an equal substitution for everyone including those with eczema and psoriasis. This may just be the happy ending we’re looking for. 


The Bottom Line

Clearly, detoxification plays a major role in healing skin disorders such as eczema. sweatspa understood this concept and came up with a sauna treatment for eczema, a unique service not done by many, an infrared sauna built with high-quality materials along with technology that is easy to comprehend.

Research shows that infrared light relieves inflammation and itchiness. It also helps the skin from dryness and moisturize the skin. Have in mind that infrared light also repairs the skin nutrients and improves the blood circulation on the damaged skin.

Most importantly, sweatspa’s infrared sauna also flushes out the toxins in your body through sweating. Usually, eczema patients that consume steroids or any other medication long-term tend to have high toxin levels or known as heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, and tin in their system.

sweatspa’s Infrared Sauna Treatment does wonders in healing skin disorders while you witness your body getting into shape. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. We have served many eczema & psoriasis patients and many of them have shared such magnificent results after our sauna treatment!

No more expensive remedies and no more hiding away your beautiful skin because any effort you put into becoming a better version of yourself is a skin-vestment!

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