The Story Behind Sweatspa

This business was birthed and fuelled by my personal journey in sourcing for the right cure for a series of ailments over several years.

My husband and I both suffered from severe muscle aches and gout and have spent a hefty sum on alternative medicine and holistic treatment which offered short-term relief, often involving ingestion of more harmful chemicals. This has taken a long time because the conditions passed off as common symptoms for a multitude of diseases.

My lifelong search to cure an existence filled with extreme pain and lethargy halted with the discovery of infra-red sauna. Accumulated toxin is the culprit which messes with our biological system and prevent it from functioning optimally within and between inter-connecting organs. Intoxicated liver, kidney and lungs often results in adrenal fatigue which gradually jeopardizes overall quality of life.

Our Beliefs

We believe that as simple as sweating could provide greater detoxification benefits to achieve optimal health, beauty and vitality. We trust that wellness and vitality are important to everyone, regardless of their situation in life. The ultimate goal is to help people gain vibrant health and beauty.