Over 70% of all our ailments are the results of poor blood circulation

Feet are considered to be the body's “second heart” in traditional oriental medicine practice.

While our heart pumps blood to our brain and body, our legs and feet help to distribute blood back to the heart. They play a significant role in our blood circulation. And good blood circulation is most crucial to our overall health. It is generally acknowledged that over 70% of all our ailments are the result of poor blood circulation.

Heating the feet has the overall tendency to open up circulation in the whole body and boost the immune function while increasing toxin removal. Because the feet are the lowest part of the body, toxins which are heavier tends to accumulate there, so it is a logical place to concentrate detoxifying warmth and perspiration.

Heat acts to improve flow and release blockages much like acupuncture and pressure point therapy. Heat also helps to increase metabolism, release tension on veins, release fascia tension and relax the body while improving sleep quality.

Infrared Foot Sauna

Clearlight Infrared Foot Sauna is the modern day alternative to the traditional hot water foot soak. It is dry, easily portable, convenient and heats up instantly. Besides consistent temperature that can be preset, the radiant infrared heat of our foot sauna permeates deeper, hence more therapeutic.

Tired and sore feet

Joint stiffness/ pain

Itchy / smelly feet

Nerves / muscle spasm

Here's a list of what an infrared foot sauna may help you with

  • Relax and rest tired feet

  • Decrease joint stiffness and relieve pain from arthritis, rheumatism and gout

  • Smooth nerves and relieve muscle spasm

  • Relieve post-exercise muscle pain

  • Reduce swelling and discomfort from fluid retention

  • Maintain foot health and hygiene

  • Relieve pain and help heal tendon injury

  • Assist in resolution of inflamation

  • Resolve cold sickness of hands and feet

  • Increase blood circulation and strengthen cardiovascular system

  • Remove heavy toxins from lower extremeties

  • Speed up metabolism

  • Help sleep better

  • Improve general well being